The Culinary R&D and Insights You Need

Introducing the ultimate decision helper. It’s IKUT (In-Kitchen Usage Testing) by Flavor360™. IKUT is a culinary R&D insight-collecting tool that gives you the usable knowledge, intel and confidence to quickly evaluate product performance, allowing you to shine.

For Knowledge and Beyond

IKUT by Flavor360™ is a helpful culinary R&D consultation software tool that works hand-in-hand with your product sample to collect qualitative, in-kitchen usage feedback, tailored to your specific objectives. It provides a custom survey experience per participant and can even capture multimedia assets. In real time, it presents qualitative results on a user-friendly dashboard, compiled in a single database in a way that easily helps you dissect and share the results. In the end, you get knowledge that dives deeper into a product’s performance, giving you the needed insights to determine the best path forward for your product.

The Flavor360™ Advantage

Flavor360expert culinary consultants customize your IKUT software solution specifically to your project objectives, to deliver an interactive database that drives successful R&D decisions.

  • IKUT multimedia data collection is more cost effective and more structured than focus groups and tasting panels
  • Real-time feedback captures qualitative participant experiences with quantitative product performance data
  • Acquire insights into purchase intent of participants and compile data into a single database for easy sharing

How it works

Working with Flavor360™ is an efficient, customized experience.

1. Define

What information do you need? What do you wish to learn?

2. Create

We create a customized survey and knowledge templates.

3. Engage

Interactive mobile app guides chefs.

4. Learn

Live dashboards provide insights.

5. Report

Share insights in PPT, PDF, Excel.

Trusted by leading F&B companies

“Flavor360™ EXPLORE app allowed our team to do field work across the globe when COVID prevented us from being there in person. Their team of experts helped shape our research, execute it flawlessly, and synthesize meaningful insights through the multimedia dashboard as we captured emotions and stories as if we were actually there experiencing it firsthand.”

Carol McCall | Pepsico
Director, Product Development

Digitize and transform your R&D process

Digitize and transform
your R&D process

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