10 Year Reunion & Celebration

November 14, 2019

Not many of us can imagine the danger and difficulty these youth experience on the streets of Vietnam. At no fault of their own, they have been orphaned, trafficked, and often out of school, effectively powerless to change their future. The remarkable and comprehensive work that STREETS International has been doing for over a decade implements the axiom of teaching a person to fish rather than handing them one into a transformative, empowering, and practical program. Capitalizing on the importance of tourism in developing economies, STREETS provides this segment of impoverished youth with professional level training and apprenticing, including English language and life skills, to prepare for careers in culinary arts and hospitality service. Chef Danhi and Flavor360 are honored and grateful to lend support to this vital program.

In 2019, Chef Danhi began volunteering instruction and professional mentoring to STREETS International located in Hoi An, Vietnam. Sharing his expertise and passion for Asian cultures and cuisines, he has shared culinary skills classes and experiential guidance with these youth about how to succeed in this industry. As revealed in the photos from previous classes, these youth are eager to learn and laugh throughout the sessions. Not only does this program provide them with a sense of dignity and a foundation to build lives of safety, health, and service to their communities, it also helps build their confidence and vision to move beyond surviving into thriving as self-sufficient young adults. After 10 years of graduating over 300 youth, STREETS hosted a reunion celebration and graduates from nearly every year came back to Hoi An to celebrate. Certainly this event was an opportunity to applaud the collaboration that has taken these youth from poverty to satisfying productivity and personal healing.

STREETS co-founder Neal Bermas & Chef Danhi celebrating a decade of program graduates and accomplishments
Always something exciting to learn and laugh about in the kitchen with Chef Danhi
Core culinary competencies are taught, including basic sauces every food pro needs to know