2nd Annual FriendRaiser Gala in Ho Chi Minh City

October 22, 2015

As a social enterprise, STREETS International is in part self supporting, hosting events and fundraisers annually to showcase student progress and provide real life professional training outside of the classroom to these Trainees, youth for whom this comprehensive culinary and life skills program makes possible the transformation from the crisis to culinary careers. Some events are hosted in Vietnam and some even in New York City! Always well received and attended, it is a chance for these trainees to share and celebrate their work as well, both behind the scenes in the kitchen and in the “front of the house” with the guests themselves.

One such event was the 2nd Annual FriendRaiser Gala in Ho Chi Minh City in 2015. As in many previous years, Chef Danhi flew back to Vietnam from his home in California to lead the current students and graduates in the kitchen alongside the hosting hotel staff to prepare an elaborate meal. In the days leading up to the event, Chef Danhi worked with youth and hotel staff to prepare food and beverages for the hundreds of expected guests, providing layers of experiences they will encounter as they enter the culinary careers for which they are training. Here in elegant settings, supported by professionals working in the F&B industry, trainees employ the social and English language skills they are learning in the STREETS International program, all vital ingredients for them to develop successful culinary and hospitality careers for themselves.

Each year local and international chefs join the STREETS team in Vietnam to host a Gala Event to raise operational funds
Chef Robert trains youth at events to prepare and serve food directly to the guests, providing opportunities to interact and develop social skills
Another “one-bite-wonder” prepared by the STREETS youth to accompany cocktails & appetizers before the grand event
A proud chef stands by his team, making final touches to the live action station in the center of the dining room where they showcase the skills & training acquired at STREETS