Chef Robert Danhi joins the team of volunteers
at the C-CAP LA Region

Chef Robert Danhi joins the team of volunteers at the C-CAP LA Region

October 22, 2019

It takes a village, even in the kitchen. Although “reality” cooking shows and competitions often sensationalize chef and culinary culture to be cut throat and self-promoting, students from at-risk or underserved backgrounds can benefit from experiencing just the opposite. C-CAP LA students learn from hands-on programs led by industry professionals, and a supportive hospitality community that helps facilitate training, based on practical culinary and life skills, career preparation, and personal accountability. Chef Danhi, along with industry volunteers, and professional organizations, are supporting the C-CAP LA team to accomplish these goals.Chef Danhi’s extensive education and experience as a food and beverage instructor and industry leader, complemented the already dynamic team of C-CAP LA staff and volunteers. Together, they guide and mentor the students through the program to prepare them for career opportunities and post-secondary education pathways through scholarships.Because positive momentum and energy attract more of the same, C-CAP activities and classes often showcase how amazing these students and the staff are, inviting new connections and supporters to the program to take notice.

For example, at the end of this day’s classes and activities, the Tuxton Company ( — international chinaware manufacturer committed to in-kind donations and scholarships for culinary students — generously donated a check in the amount of $11,143.97! This donation supported programing and scholarships for C-CAP LA students.

Thank you, Tuxton, for supporting this robust and comprehensive program!

Sharing the skills & science of cooking with C-CAP LA students
Helping students prepare for and successfully navigate culinary & hospitality landscapes
Personal attention and mentorship builds confidence and industry-ready knowledge