Cook Alongside a Top Chef Instructor LIVE in Your Kitchen

January 14, 2021

Begun Thanksgiving 2020 as a way to both share financial support with the Research Chefs Association and offer a top level, hands-on culinary learning experience, the Cooking at Home with RCA Chefs Series was introduced to a hungry audience of home cooks. Distinguished RCA chefs donate their time to present live, virtual cooking workshops from their own home kitchens. Attendees receive a prep list, recipes, and information on the dishes highlighted in the course to get them ready to go for the session. Each online workshop brings a different experienced RCA chef into your home kitchen to teach skills, techniques, and lead you through recipes to enhance your culinary knowledge and inspiration!

On January 14, 2021, Chef Danhi led a course on the culture and preparation of Spring Rolls of Southeast Asia. A 30-year veteran in the F&B industry and consummate expert on this regional Asian cuisine, Chef Danhi provided exclusive insights and easy-to-follow techniques while cooking virtually alongside participants to create several dishes, including Malaysian Spring Roll (Popiah) and Vietnamese Salad Roll. His workshop materials included excerpts from his James Beard finalist cookbook, Southeast Asian Flavors. 

Chef Danhi is honored to give back to the Research Chefs Association by donating his time and  expertise as one of the chef instructors for this series. 

Chef Danhi streams live from his home kitchen into yours to share hands-on spring roll tips & recipes
Using a mortar and pestle, to crush the pan roasted peanuts for just the right texture
Malaysian Spring Roll (Popiah) with a dark soy sauce and tinted, cooked jicama filling are always a favorite!