Knife Skills Workshop

September 28, 2019

As chef instructor in the STREETS International program located in Hoi An, Vietnam, Chef Danhi offered this student Knife Skills Class that included guidance on critical career skills, professionalism, kitchen etiquette, and how to pursue that perfect dream job. For these disadvantaged youth who have experienced devastating life circumstances that can include being orphaned, trafficked, and living on the streets, receiving this training in a practical, comprehensive program framed with respect and hope is utterly transformative. 

Chef Danhi refers to himself as a Curator of Cultures and as such is aligned and of great value to this program, bringing together over three decades of F&B experience as a chef, instructor, innovator, and expert in Southeast Asian cuisine and culture. His classes help bring together the basic skills these youth — or Trainees — need to transition from where they came to where they dream to go with the help of STREETS. Teaching knife skills requires attention to each student’s technique, personality, and progress so that the most encouraging yet professional feedback and approach may be offered. Chef Danhi’s background allows him to work alongside these students and the STREETS staff to facilitate these lessons in a natural and profound way.

Trainees begin in tee-shirt and graduate into chef coats and knife kits, ready for professional success
Respect for kitchen tools and techniques builds through these skill classes and mentorship
Working as a team towards a goal comes easily with a little laughter and delicious cuisine